The Hull Times Redesign Reader Survey

The Hull Times has begun the first redesign of the paper in more than 30 years. We need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete this reader survey and, if you like, enter our random sweepstakes, where one lucky reader will win a free year's subscription. We value your readership and sincerely appreciate your help in making the Times a more relevant and visually appealing newspaper. 

–Susan Ovans, Publisher

About You
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Current content
The Hull Times’ layout is visually interesting.
The headlines are compelling.
There are enough photos in each edition.
The text size used in the paper is easy to read.
The paper’s layout is easy for me to navigate.
It’s easy to find events in the Community Calendar.
It’s easy to find the Hull Cable TV schedule.
I enjoy graphs, charts, and other visuals for data.
Example: Always delivered on time, main focus is on news specific to Hull, option to read it online, etc.
This can be any aspect of your experience with our newspaper, not just the content within the paper.
The Hull Times' future content
Hull Times' Online Presence
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