Hull prepares for significant storm


Schools Superintendent Kathleen Tyrell has closed the town's three public schools tomorrow in anticipation of a late winter snowstorm that forecasters say may dump a foot of snow on the area.

Tyrell made the announcement via an automated call to parents this afternoon.

Hull Police Chief John Dunn said today that winter parking bans will go into effect at midnight. Here's the text of his message that was posted on Facebook this afternoon.

"Due to the forecasted snow storm, the Town of Hull has enacted the winter parking ban starting at 1200AM 3/14 until further notice. This means no parking on the following streets: Nantasket Ave, Atlantic Ave, Spring St. and Main St. and residents are encouraged to remove all vehicles from roadway and parking allowed only on even side of street where permitted. Further Bay Street is one way from northerly entrance (At Bay and Water)."

The Times will publish further information from the town relative to storm conditions as it becomes available.