Student threatens firearms use at Hull High, but no weapon found

Superintendent Michael F. Devine and Hull High School Principal Nicole Nosek report that Hull Public Schools leaders acted swiftly after a student reportedly uttered threats against the school.
On Wednesday at approximately 9 a.m., it was reported to the high school main office that a student had made a threat to harm others with a firearm. The studentwas identified, and the Hull Police Department was called immediately.
A search revealed no weapons, and the police department took over from there. The administration will take the proper actions with regard to this student, according to a statement issued by the school district this morning, but there was no immediate threat and no danger to the high school. At no point was there a direct threat to students or staff. The school day is continuing without interruption.
"What matters most in this unfortunate situation is that our students, faculty and staff are not in danger," Devine said. "The policies and procedures we have in place for these kinds of situations were followed correctly, and the situation was resolved without further escalation or disruption to our school community."