Beginning at 8 p.m. tonight [Wednesday], Aquarion Water will conduct a scheduled repair at 1066 Nantasket Ave.

During the repair, a water-main shutdown may be necessary. As a result, there may be a period of discolored water, poor water pressure, or no water pressure for homes located from the intersection of Nantasket Avenue and Fitzpatrick Way, all the way to the end of the peninsula at Pemberton.

In the event that a shutdown is necessary, Aquarion will alert residents with a Code Red phone call at around 10 pm. In preparation for a potential shutdown after 10 p.m., company spokesmen advise customers in the affected area to store water for drinking and other essential needs.

For additional information, visit <http://www.aquarionwater.com> or contact Customer Service at 800-928-3734.