Obituary: Scott K. Meegan

Scott K. Meegan, at 49
Scott Kevin Meegan, 49, of Arizona, died unexpectedly Nov. 27, while vacationing in Thailand.
Mr. Meegan lost both his parents by the age 10, but he rose above the odds. A graduate of Hull High School, he was a gifted artist and was offered a full scholarship to the Rhode Island School of Design, but decided to forego college to serve his country in the armed forces. 
A distinguished veteran of the U.S. Army, he was one of six soldiers to work on the prototype of the Comanche attack helicopter. Mr. Meegan then served with National Guard units in Massachusetts and Alaska. He was also a member of the French Foreign Legion and saw combat in the early stages of the war in Bosnia as a U.N. peacekeeper, during which time he was interviewed by famed news correspondent Bob Simon. 
Mr. Meegan served as a military combat contractor during the war in Afghanistan, training and mentoring Afghani national security forces while stationed at and running a forward operating base. On several occasions after deployment, he bought and shipped hundreds of coats, hats, gloves, sneakers, candy, and toys for orphan children and villagers in Afghanistan. 
Mr. Meegan was well travelled and adventurous. He lived in or visited 32 states, 37 countries, and four Canadian provinces. While living in the Pacific Northwest, he worked as a deep-water abalone diver in Oregon and a king-crab fisherman in Washington state and Ketchikan, Alaska. He also worked for a private security firm in Norway where he equipped ships with high-tech equipment, then sailed on anti-piracy missions to the Horn of Africa off the coast of Somalia, to Djibouti, and to many other countries. 
Mr. Meegan had a brilliant and creative mind with a broad range of knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects. He loved to read and search for truths. He firmly believed knowledge is power. He spoke seven languages and was in the process of learning three others. He taught himself to play the guitar and was an exceptional artist, creating paintings, murals, and various art pieces for many family members and others. He also wrote a screenplay and had just completed inventing a unique kite design.
Mr. Meegan lived a humble yet triumphant life and had the kindest heart. He was an incredible role model and mentor to all his nieces and nephews. He was a simple man who lacked physical possessions but had the desire to share what he did have with those he loved, including taking many family members to Italy and Disney World, with all expenses paid. 
His greatest joy was his girlfriend Anny, whom he planned to marry. He will be missed tremendously, but his life and love will go on in the hearts of those he touched.
The youngest of 12 children, Mr. Meegan was preceded in death by his parents, Bena [DiTunno] and George Meegan; his three oldest brothers, William, Lawrence, and Dennis; and his grandparents, Caterina and Pasquale DiTunno, and Charlotte and William Meegan. He is survived by his siblings: Richard and his longtime partner, Suzanne; Cheryl and her husband, Mike Minicucci; Barbara and her husband, Tom Dargin; Patrick and his wife, Yuko; Nancy and her longtime partner, Corey; Michael and his wife, Rachel; Robert and his wife, Michelle; and George and his longtime partner Pandy; as well as multiple generations of nieces and nephews. 
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