Obituary: Dr. Joy Browne

Dr. Joy Browne, at 71

Dr. Joy Browne, a nationally syndicated radio host and former Hull resident, died unexpectedly Aug. 27, in Manhattan. She was 71.
Dr. Browne, who also went by the name Dr. Joy, hosted one of the longest-running talk shows of its kind, in which she offered sage advice for dealing with problems ranging from love-life woes to tricky work interactions to financial foibles. 
Among Dr. Browne's catchphrases was “stupid and cheerful,” her advice on how to behave in the face of invasive questions or negative comments. She explained the phrase in an interview with Radio Ink: “If someone says something negative, instead of responding, 'Oh my God, I can’t believe you said that,' turn it around. Try saying, 'It’s so helpful to have somebody give me feedback.' If you just take the superficial approach to things that may be hurtful or insulting, it makes the other person do the heavy lifting. If they really want to criticize, they are going to have to do more work.”

Dr. Browne was running a private practice in Boston in 1978 and residing on Bluff Road in Hull when a local radio station offered her the chance to host a call-in advice program.
First from Boston station WITS, and later from her longtime radio home on WOR in New York City, Dr. Browne became one of the best-known media psychologists, syndicated on hundreds of stations.
She was also known for her advice books, including "Dating for Dummies" and "The Nine Fantasies That Will Ruin Your Life."
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Browne is survived by one daughter, Patience Browne, of Paris. ∞