Fire Chief Christopher Russo, who heads up Hull's Emergency Management team, issued this warning at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday:

Good Afternoon, Everyone:
While the weather updates continue, it's imperative that you prepare now for this imminent and very dangerous storm.
The current storm predictions for Thursday into Saturday midday are going to be extreme and present life-threatening conditions.
• NE Winds sustained at 25-35 mph gusts; exceeding 55-60 mph
• 4- inches of rainfall
• Astronomical tides
• Storm surge 2 to 4 feet
• Wave heights offshore 15-25 feet Friday during the day, 35-feet+ Friday night into Saturday.
There will be times during this event that emergency services will be challenged or unable to reach you, please understand this if you are choosing to shelter in place.
I will continue coordinating with all town agencies, state police, MEMA, FEMA, NWS. We have requested assistance already regarding the National Guard and its high-water vehicles. National Grid will stage equipment prior to storm landfall.
There will be MAJOR flooding throughout the town in the low-lying areas, but also in non-typical areas that many residents have never seen before.
If you are living in an area that has been flooded in the recent storms, expect this to be considerably worse. If you can relocate to family or friends away from the immediate east and northeast facing coastline, it would be prudent prior to 8 a.m. Friday.
There is more to come. Please pay close attention to local weather announcements and urgent information coming from the Hull Emergency Management team. 
This is the calm before the storm – literally.