Power may be restored by midnight, Russo reports

Hull Fire Chief Christopher Russo, who heads up the town's Emergency Management team, issued said an hour ago that National Grid crews were working to restore electricity to Hull, which lost power around 10:30 a.m.

Here is the National Grid update, which Russo posted on the Town of Hull Emergency Management page on Facebook: 

Our crews are currently working on the repairs that we are hopeful will allow Hull Municipal Light to re-energize the town by midnight. We are making every effort to finish the work as soon and safe as possible.

At the same time, given the difficult weather and conditions and the complex repairs required, we do believe it would be prudent for you to consider a back-up plan if the outage extends past midnight.

We appreciate the close communications and collaboration with Town of Hull officials and look forward to seeing the lights back on in your town soon. 

We take seriously our responsibility as the provider of electricity to the Hull Municipal Light Plant.

Chief asks everyone to stay off Hull's roads

Fire Chief Chris Russo issued a storm update this afternoon, just after high tide. While he reopened the roads after the tide water receded, he said he expects to close them again in advance of tonight's high tide, around midnight. The chief, who heads up Hull's Emergency Management Team, is asking that – unless it's vital – please stay off the roads.

Here's the gist of his urgent message:

"There are two – possibly three – more tides that will be worse! I will be ordering the roads closed again tonight when we are again flooded. If there are urgent items needed, please take care of them quickly this afternoon, when the roads are open.

We are seeing people all over the South Shore making very poor decisions and travelling into these waters. When darkness sets in later and the water comes back we don't want anyone to lose their life."

Flooding isolates town at high tide

Hull Fire Chief Christopher Russo has ordered the entry and exit roads of Hull closed as flood waters have made many streets impassable.

Unless there is an urgent reason for residents to be on the roads, public safety officials are urging people to shelter in place.  

The Memorial School at 81 Central Ave. has been opened for emergency shelter for residents who need to evacuate. 

High tide is 11:17 a.m. and the roads are expected to be closed for several hours.

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