Wednesday storm has some flooding potential

Hull Fire Deputy Chief Bill Frazier posted the following storm update at 1 p.m.

Hi Everyone, The track of the incoming storm is constantly changing. As of now we are looking at 3+ inches of snow starting Wednesday morning going through Thursday afternoon. There will also be periods of rain accompanying this storm. Winds should be sustained, 30-40 mph, with higher gusts, the strongest of which will occur Wednesday night into Thursday morning.
The snow will be a heavy, wet snow and with these higher wind speeds there is potential for power outages.
The tide of highest concern will be the high tide early Thursday morning (approx 3:45 a.m.). The tides are not astronomically high but will be accompanied by a storm surge of more than 2 feet. This creates the potential for some minor to moderate coastal flooding.
Measures are being taken to make sure that our dune system remains intact. Please DO NOT climb over these reinforced areas. Even small depressions in the peaks of these reinforcements can have an enormous impact on their effectiveness.
I will update again later on tonight with any changes in the forecast.
Thank You,
DC Frazier

Flooding isolates town at high tide

Hull Fire Chief Christopher Russo has ordered the entry and exit roads of Hull closed as flood waters have made many streets impassable.

Unless there is an urgent reason for residents to be on the roads, public safety officials are urging people to shelter in place.  

The Memorial School at 81 Central Ave. has been opened for emergency shelter for residents who need to evacuate. 

High tide is 11:17 a.m. and the roads are expected to be closed for several hours.

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